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We've gathered a handful of our top expert talks and eBooks to to give you all the detoxification knowledge you need to make this the BEST holiday season yet!

In today's toxic environment, an effective detox is more important than ever, especially if you're struggling (and healing!) from a chronic disease. Learn the best approaches to navigating toxins and the necessary steps to avoid and detox from them -- for lasting health!

Bonus Gifts

Daily Detox Elixirs eBook from Sam Asser
10 Steps to a Healthy Brain Checklist from Dr. Christine Schaffner
Brain-Boosting Recipes eGuide from Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Restore Mitochondrial Function and Boost Energy eGuide from Dr. Wendy Myers
Stress Solutions eBook from Evan Brand
Mama Z's Recipe Makeover eGuide from Dr. Eric & Sabrina Ann Zielinski
Turmeric eBook and eCourse from Sayer Ji